Japanese knife SEKI RYU - SASHIMI - 33/21 cm


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Japanese knife SEKI RYU - SASHIMI

Color black
length 33 / 21 cm
Compositions steel

General presentation

The Japanese Seki Ryu - SRP400 - Sashimi knife with a 210 mm blade is an exceptional instrument designed for Japanese cuisine lovers and professional chefs. Made in the town of Seki, famous for its ancestral know-how in cutlery, this Sashimi knife is perfect for finely and precisely slicing fish, ideal for preparing sashimi and sushi.

Technical characteristics
- Type of Knife: Sashimi (Yanagiba)
- Brand: Seki Ryu
- Model: SRP400

- Material: High quality stainless steel, providing exceptional resistance to corrosion and stains
- Blade length: 210 mm
- Blade shape: Long and thin, specially designed for clean and precise cuts
- Cutting edge: Simple, sharpened bevel for smooth, effortless slices
- Finish: Hand polished for elegant aesthetics and optimal cutting performance

- Material: Pakka wood, known for its durability and resistance to humidity
- Design: Traditional and ergonomic, offering a comfortable and secure grip
- Finish: Smooth and sophisticated, with a seamless transition between handle and blade

The Seki Ryu - SRP400 - Sashimi is designed to thinly slice fish and prepare sashimi with surgical precision. Its long, thin blade allows for clean, uniform cuts, essential for the presentation and texture of sashimi. This knife is also perfect for cutting sushi, sashimi and other preparations requiring delicate slices.

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