Food from Japan

Sauces, noodles, tea, sake and many other dishes can be found in our Japanese grocery store to make all your dishes.


  • Japanese snacks
    To nibble around a cup of sake or a glass of beer, discover the savory snacks with Japanese flavors.
  • Japanese seaweed
    Very consumed in Japan, seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals and low in color. You will find them in the making of sushi, miso soup and in many broths. They are also eaten in salad in summer accompanied by sesame and sauce in particular.
  • Japanese sake

    To be enjoyed warm, Japanese sake has a wide variety of flavors and even exists in a sparkling version!

  • Japanese Tofu
    Soy is a legume just like beans and lentils. It is an excellent source of vegetable protein consumed very frequently in Asia. Tofu is made from soy, similar to cheese with a relatively neutral taste. As a result, it is eaten in salad, in broth or even fried.
  • Japanese beers
    Beer is a very popular alcohol in Japan. Imported by the Dutch during the Edo era, the country today has many industries that produce the brands: Sapporo, Coedo, Kirin Ichiban and Asahi.
  • Our Japanese liqueurs

    A little less well-known than sake, liqueur is however an alcohol widely consumed in Japan. Liqueurs are composed of fruit and their alcoholic volume very rarely exceeds 20%.

  • Japanese sodas and drinks
    Ramune, canned teas and fruit sodas, so many original flavors from Japan.
  • Japanese rice

    Rice is the basic ingredient of the Japanese diet, and certainly the most consumed in Japan. We can distinguish 2 families: the ordinary rice called Uruchimai and the Mochigome, which is more sticky.

  • Japanese curry

    Curry is an integral part of Japanese cuisine and is often served with noodles or rice. Curry in Japan is thicker and less spicy than curry in India.

  • Japanese condiments

    Enhance your dishes with these condiments: sesame seeds, wasabi, mustard, furikake...

  • Sauces and condiments

    From soy sauce to cooking sake, including yakitori sauce, discover a set of Japanese sauces to spice up your dishes.

  • Cakes and sweets from...
    Dorayaki, kit kat, pocky, gummy and many other Japanese sweets are to be discovered here.
  • Instant noodles and...

    Ramen, udon, soba ... discover our range of Japanese pasta and instant noodles.

  • The teas from japan
    Sencha, Bancha, Kukicha, Konacha, Hôjicha, Genmaicha, discover our range of green teas from Japan.
  • Soups / Miso from Japan
    A traditional recipe in Japanese cuisine, miso soup is made with miso (flavored fermented and salty soybean paste) and dashi (fish broth).

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