Japanese Matcha liqueur - KYOTO UJI MATCHA


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Japanese Matcha Liqueur - KYOTO UJI MATCHA

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation

Capacity 700ml
Product origin made in Japan
Alcohol 12.4%
Aroma Matcha

Japanese Matcha Liqueur - KYOTO UJI MATCHA

A Takara Shuzo creation with intense matcha green tea flavors

Takara Shuzo, a Japanese company based in Kyoto, specializes in different sectors including the manufacture of drinks such as shochu, sake, liqueurs and mirin.

An exceptional green tea grown on the shady hillsides of Uji in the Kyoto region. The color and flavor of matcha tea are exceptionally well preserved in this very original and refined liqueur.

A liquor rich in umami

Slight bitterness, herbaceous and floral notes, subtly sweet are present in this liqueur rich in unami to be enjoyed with ice cubes, in a cocktail or with sparkling water.

In addition, it can also be integrated into certain desserts, particularly chocolate-based pastries.

With an alcohol content of 12.4°, packaged in a 700 ml glass bottle, this liqueur is part of a very popular range of flavored alcoholic drinks that we offer, including strawberry liqueur Amaou from Fukuoka, white peach liqueur from Yamanashi and yuzu from Kyoto.

Mix well before serving

Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and humidity.

Once the bottle is opened, keep it in the refrigerator and consume quickly.

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